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Frequently Asked Questions - CXO Connect

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Thursday January 27, 2022
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to attend a High Tech Thursdays event but I didn't receive an invitation. How can I get invited / RSVP?
Not everyone is invited to High Tech Thursdays events. To be invited, you must be: 1) A Founder or Senior Executive of a company actively involved with the Colorado High-Technology Community; 2) A Financier actively involved with the Colorado High-Technology Community; or 3) The event sponsor.

To RSVP, visit the CXO Connect website calendar, find the event, click on it, then click on the RSVP link. You will need a login account to RSVP. Once you have logged on, then you can RSVP for the event.

Question: I'm interested in becoming a member. How can I join?
Not everyone can (or should) be a member. To become a member, you must first be nominated by an existing member. Most of the time, that's all it takes to become a member.

Question: I'd like to find out more. When is your next meeting?
There are no regularly scheduled member meetings. Most of the interaction between members is via the Internet (email, etc...). The group does occasionally hold events (e.g., High Tech Thursdays).

The best way to find out more about CXO Connect is to contact a member. They will either answer your questions or they will help you find the right person that can answer your questions. Helping others is part of being a CXO Connect member.

Question: My company isn't listed in the Online Directory. How can I add it?
Login to the CXO Connect website, click on the "Manage Directory" link (left side column under "Your Account") and then click the "New Directory Entry" link (far right side). If you are a member, you can choose the setting of "Show Directory Entry" yourself. If you aren't a member, enter all of the information, click Save, and then send us an email requesting to show the Directory Listing.

Question: How can I change my login account's password / login name / email address?
Login to the CXO Connect website, click on the "Your Account" link (left side column), update the Login Name, Email, or Password fields, then click Save. Your login account information is now changed.

Question: I've forgotten my password/login. How do I reset it?
Send an email to requesting that the password for your login account be reset.

Question: What's the difference between a login account and a Directory Listing?
A login account is like a key. It allows you privileged access to special features on the CXO Connect website (RSVP, Directory listings, etc...). The login account information is not displayed or presented. Directory Listings are displayed. A login account has one or more Directory Listings associated with it. For example, a CEO of a company may have one login account and two Directory Listings (one for him, one for his company).

Question: My company may be interested in sponsoring a High Tech Thursday event. What does it take to be a sponsor?
Each High Tech Thursdays event has two sponsorship opportunities: Event Host and Event Sponsor.

The Event Host provides the facilities for the event. This is the Event Host's chance to "showcase" their company. The facility should be able to handle up to 150 people.

The Event Sponsor pays for the expenses of the event. For more details, click here or contact us.

Question: I'm too busy writing software. Why should I participate?
Building a successful business requires more than just writing software. CXO Connect is a unique opportunity (and possibly a competitive advantage) to build your personal and professional network with only a minimal amount of time, effort, and money.

One of the goals of the CXO Connect is to help you realize that building a network of peers, mentors, advisors, and other professionals is important to your success and the success of your business.

Question: How are you going to keep your events focused?
By requiring RSVP's we can closely watch the list of attendees. The events are for technology executives and financiers. Our target is to limit attendance of service providers to <10%. With that said, it's important to remember that some of the people attending wear more than one hat. While they may be a service provider, they may also have a tremendous desire to contribute to the high technology community. This includes CXO Connect Advisor Members (among others). Because of this, these attendees are typically not included in the 10% limit.

Question: Directory Listings include phone numbers and email addresses. How do you protect my contact information?
Access to Directory Listings for individuals is restricted. Only CXO Connect Members can see all contact information for individuals. Anonymous website browsers can see only names. If they sign up for a login account (but are not a member) then they get to see a little more detail (but no phone numbers or email addresses).

All other information (company listings, etc...) can be fully accessed by anyone visiting the website.

Additional precautions are taken with email addresses. Assuming the user is able to login as a member, then all Email addresses are &# encoded. CXO Connect does not use email list servers to send out messages. All messages are personally sent out by a Member. When a message is sent out to more than just a few people, BCC is used to protect the list.

For added protection or peace of mind, some members have created special email addresses just for CXO Connect Directory Listings. This allows them to control and monitor email originating from CXO Connect.