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Sunday May 16, 2021
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Corporate Governance
Near the "Zone of Insolvency"?  
When Financial Troubles Comes: A Guide for Directors

Book: The Guide For Venture Investing Angels - Financing and Investing in Private Companies  
This is the reference book on the required reading list of every investor and entrepreneur in the country. If you invest without reading it, you're just asking to lose. Author: Arthur Lipper III, ISBN: 0965218309

Key Steps Before Talking to Venture Capitalists  
Article that discusses how to interact with a Venture Capital firm.

General Information
Heritage Technology Report  
Online listings and profiles of Colorado Springs based companies.

InterPeak Partners Presentation Guidelines  
When presenting to investors, the content of your presentation is of critical importance. There are many questions and issues that need to be addressed. This is a great example of what should be included in a presentation.

Top 10 Business Development Tips for Start-ups  
A brief look at challenges surrounding creating strategic partnerships.

Intellectual Property
Basic Facts About Trademarks - USPTO  
This is a great starting point to find out more about how to file for and obtain a U.S. trademark or copyright.

How To Get A Patent - USPTO  
This is a great starting point to find out more about how to file for and obtain a U.S. patent.

Best Practice Principles For Market Leadership  
How to apply the 10 Best Practice Principles of Market Leadership to dominate your market and successfully grow your B2B business.

UCLA Internet Report - Surveying the Digital Future  
80+ pages of valuable demographics and usage data, graphs and text about Internet usage.

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